The Asian Digital Library is a unique searching tool providing the access of most comprehensive peer reviewed literature database. The ADL provides unrestricted access of more than 10,000 high quality, peer reviewed journals and millions of full text articles to fulfil the dire need of the Asian scientific community.

Broad coverage

Highly versatile and multidisciplinary up to date scientific literature database

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Easy and fast search to quickly identify the right results from over a million of records

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Easily search for a specific author name or by a digital identifier (i.e., ORCID or LiveDNA)

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Provides free access to thousands of full text articles to the global researcher community


Our vision is to provide innovative, future-oriented digital solutions to address the challenges and problems faced by our research community.


The mission of the ADL is to develop a largest multidisciplinary searchable literature database of premium content for the researcher community of Asia.


The main objective of the ADL is to provide unrestricted access to premium content through a searchable database to serve the needs of researchers at all levels.



Dr. Amin Badshah

Dr. Muhammad Aslam

Dr. Rubina Hanif

Dr. Zabta Khan Shinwari

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How to get your journal indexed in ADL?

The Asian Digital Library can boost the worldwide visibility and accessibility of your content. There are a number of benefits of getting your journal indexed in Asian Digital Library. The library will help your journal to expand its online presence, improve article discoverability, and build a reputation as a high-quality publication in its field. A team of information specialists works with the publishers to index peer-reviewed papers, theses, abstracts and technical reports from all disciplines and make them searchable on Asian Digital Library.

If you are interested to get indexed your journal in Asian Digital Library, please contact the Journal Selection Committee at


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Asian Digital Library is a unique searching tool providing the access of most comprehensive peer reviewed literature database.

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