Asian Digital Library (ADL) has a primary responsibility towards its stakeholders to provide clear and unbiased decision for the inclusion of journals in its database. In the process to approve a journal for inclusion in ADL, all our members are required to avoid conflict of interest such as their own participation or contribution in any means with other journals. For cases like these, the member has to ensure that they are not part of the decision for the application of journals which might have a conflict of interest. We also requie a clear disclosure from all our members for affiliations, funding sources, or financial holdings associated with any journal that might raise questions about possible sources of bias.


In order to facilitate the process of inclusion of quality scientific journals in Asian Digital Library (ADL), we have an independent international board of experts to advise on technical and academic development of the system. The mission of the board is to help provide authoritative information, to develop an efficient system of evaluation of peer reviewed journals against a transparent criteria and to create innovative services and programs for Asian researchers, scholars, scientists, historians and other staff, as well as the public at large. The advisory board members meets in person annually, during which topics of mutual interest to ADL are discussed, and the entire group is asked to provide ongoing feedback on a wide range of issues with a key focus on inclusion of quality journals in ADL.


Biological Sciences

Dr. Zabta Khan Shinwari
Vice Chancellor, Qarshi University Lahore, Pakistan


Dr. Amin Badshah
Professor, Institute of Professional Psychology, Bahria University, Pakistan

Physical Sciences

Dr. Mohammad Rasul Jan
Vice-Chancellor, University of Poonch Rawalkot, Pakistan

Social Sciences

Rubina Hanif
Tenured Associate Professor, Quaid-I-Azam University Islamabad, Pakistan

Computer Sciences

Dr. Anjum Ali
Professor, FAST NU, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Health Sciences

Dr. Muhammad Aslam
Pro-Vice Chancellor, National University of Medical Sciences The Mall, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Dr. Isik Didem Karagoz
Associate Professor, University of Gaziantep, 27310, Gaziantep, Turkey

Plant & Soil Sciences

Dr. Mohamed A. Elwakil
Professor, Department of Plant Pathology, Mansoura University, Egypt


Dr. Attaullah Shah
Vice Chancellor, City University of Science and Information Technology, Peshawar, Pakistan

Mathematics & Statistics

Dr. Hulya Atil
Professor, Ege University, Izmir, Turkey

Life Sciences

Dr. Mona M. El-Husseiny
Professor, Ibn-Sina National College For Medical Studies, KSA

Food Science & Technology

Dr. Haleama Al Sabbah
Associate Professor, Department of Health Sciences, Zayed University, UAE

Animal and Veterinary Sciences

Dr. Ruchi Tiwari
Assistant professor, Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Veterinary University, India

Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Syed Faiz Ahmed
University Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Chemical Engineering

Dr. M. Ezzat A.M. Khalifa
Assistant Professor, Taif University, Saudi Arabia

Environmental Sciences

Dr. Suher Carolina
Professor, University of Zulia, Venezuela

Energy Policies

Dr. Abul Quasem Al-Amin
Professor, National Energy University, Malaysia